Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Your Liver Health and Your Liver Health

The liver is an important body organ that plays a pivotal part in your vision health. The liver serves several important functionin your body that may directly oindirectly affect your vision health:

Carbohydrate metabolism

Thliver turns glucose (blood sugar) into glycoge(energy) for storage in your liver. 

Your glycogen controls the amount of glucose released into your bloodstream, thereby maintaining your blood sugar level. A healthy blood sugar level prevents the development of diabetes, which often impairs vision.

In addition, a healthy liver regulates your food carbohydrate metabolism, which plays an important role in weight control—another contributing factor to diabetes.

Fat metabolism

The liver is a fat-burning organ: it not only burns fat but also pumps excess fat our of your body system. Your liver controls your body weight. Too much fat in the abdominal area may impair your fat metabolism, turning your liver into a “fatty liver,” which then becomes a fat-storing organ. A “fatty liver” is an obstacle to any attempt at weight loss, which begins at the liver.

If you are obese, you have a much higher risk of losing your eyesight, according to the Royal Institute for the Blind. For example, too much body fat is one of the causes of diabetes; too much fat may cause oxidative damage to the eye in the form of macular degeneration.

Dietary cholesterol and toxin removal

A healthy liver detoxifies your body by filtering out excess waste products and toxinin your body through the bile into the gut. Foexampleit deactivates alcohol, hormonesand medicinal drugfor better assimilationAlcohol and certain pharmaceutical drugs have been implicatein vision loss.

Always eat a high-fiber diet to facilitate elimination in order to prevent these toxic waste products from re-circulating back to your liver. Chronic constipation may damage your liver, and thus your eyes.

Storagfor nutrients

The liver stores glycogenvitamins A and D, the B complevitamins, iron and copper, which are important nutrients for healthy eyes.

Apart from the brain, the liver is the most important body organ that affects your vision. A healthy liver holds the key to healthy vision.

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