Monday, September 11, 2017

Daily Vision Workout

Good vision relies on daily workout, which involves good muscle tone, muscle flexibility a bnd stretching.

Given that the brain is also connected to physical vision, the brain should also be involved.

Before you begin your daily workout, do some pre-exercise relaxation, which includes: slow breathing in and breathing out (make sure that your breathing out is a little longer than your breathing in; blinking your eyes several times to moisten your eyes; twist and swing your body from right to left, and then from left to right again (do this several times); do some cross crawl (raise your RIGHT knee and touch it with your LEFT palm; then raise your LEFT knee and touch it with your RIGHT palm -- do this several times); gently and slowly rotate your head and neck in a clock-wise and then a counter-clockwise direction, while closing your eyes and breathing in and out.

In the workout, move your eyes in a clockwise direction, while moving your tongue in an anti-clockwise direction; then rotate your eyes in a counterclockwise direvoction with your tongue rotating in a clockwise direction. The objective of this workout is to stimulate different parts of the brain, which control your eye movements, breathing, and posture--they all play a pivotal role in your vision health.

Stephen Lau
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