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Monday, February 5, 2018

Holistic Healing of Glaucoma

Holistic Healing of Glaucoma


As you age, all your five senses begin to deteriorate, including your vision. But your vision is the most important of your five senses; without good vision, the quality of your life will be considerably compromised. The good news is that you can learn to have good vision throughout life if you know how to keep your eyes in good shape and maintain good vision health. Without good vision health, you nay develop serious eye problems, such as glaucoma.

Glaucoma, one of the major causes of blindness among seniors and the elderly, is due to eye pressure build-up in the muscles in the walls of your canal of Schlemm (circular channel in the eye that collects watery substance between the lens and the cornea). In conventional medicine, most eye doctors would recommend surgeries and eye drops to relieve high ocular pressure in the eye. However, there is one problem: surgeries and eyedrops often create a chronic condition, which, ironically enough, might lead to ultimate blindness.

Glaucoma may require holistic healing. Given that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, your eyes are only a small part of your whole person. Therefore, to improve vision or eye health, you need to improve the health of your entire person simultaneously because your body is a set of interlocking systems that affect one another.

Dr. Leslie Salov, M.D., O.D. Ph.D., in his book “Secrets for Better Vision,” concurs that you must heal your body first, before you can heal your eyes of any disease.

To have healthy vision, even as you age, you must avail yourself of the sciences of physiology, biology, chemistry, as well as the healing powers of philosophy and even spirituality. In other words, to treat glaucoma, you need a holistic approach: you examine not just your eyes, but also every aspect of your life. Stress induces pressure on the eyes. Therefore, relaxing muscles in the walls of your canal of Schlemm and voiding eyestrain can significantly relieve the glaucoma pressure, just as the use of eye drops serving a similar function, but without the long-term side effects of the chronic use of eye drops.

Overcoming stress through meditation and visualization is critical to the control and cure of glaucoma.

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