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Monday, October 8, 2018

Eye Relaxation Is Vision Health

Vision health has to do with the mind. You see everything through your eyes that form images in your mind, which interprets and records them in your subconscious mind. Your eye conditions are constantly changing such that they can be adversely affected any optical or mental stress, resulting in eyestrain that can cause vision blur or any vision problem. On the other hand, if your eyes are very relaxed, you can significantly improve your vision. That said, it is almost impossible to relax just the eyes, while the rest of your body remains tense and stressed. Therefore, it is important to relax your mind to relax your body, and thus your eyes, which are organs of your body.

Total relaxation begins with your mind first, and then your body, and ultimately your eyes. Accordingly, use your mind to relax your body and your eyes. The best way to achieve total body-mind relaxation is by meditation.

Meditation is a proven body-mind therapy for total relaxation. The healing power of meditation lies in its capability to focus the mind on the very present moment, thereby removing memories of the past and worries of the future. Meditation helps you focus your mental attention on the present moment to the exclusion of past and future thoughts. The mind in its natural and perfect stillness relaxes completely.

Meditation is mindfulness of the now. In contemporary living, your mind is often riddled with thoughts of what you just did, should have done, or are going to do. Nearly all your thoughts, including your desires and fears, are based on the past or the future, except the present. Mindfulness is awareness of what is happening to you in the now, such as your breathing. You can practice mindfulness while walking (walking meditation) by paying attention to your breaths, to the movements of your limbs in order to stop temporarily your compulsive thinking mind.

You can also relax your eyes through eye-palming, which is using your palms to cover your eyes, but without letting them actually touch your eyes, while resting your elbows on a table. Now gently close your eyes, and they will see a world of blackness. Meanwhile, breathe in and breathe out softly and slowly. Concentrate your mind on your breaths if any thought should come to your mind. Eye-palming relaxes your eyes completely, and as soon as you reopen your eyes, the world looks very different. Try this and you will agree that mind relaxation is eye relaxation. 

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