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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Healing Your Vision Problems

In order to heal yourself of any eye problem you may already have, you need to know the fundamentals of self-healing.

Intention to heal

Life is all about choices. Your life is but the sum of some of the choices—some good, some not so good, and some bad ones—that you have made throughout your life. Intention to heal is one of the choices you have to make in order to be healed. Healing does not take place on its own; it has to be initiated.

Lao Tzu, the famous ancient Chinese philosopher, once said: A journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step.If you want vision self-healing, you must demonstrate your intention to heal yourself. Nobody can make that choice for you, except yourself. Have the intention to heal your vision at all cost!

Desire to heal

Many people know what to do or rather what they should do, but most of them still don’t do it; knowing is one thing, while doing it is another. There is always a strong inner voice that smothers the desire and intention to heal. You must overcome that strong inner voice through self-suggestions.

Knowledge to heal

In order to do something, you need to know why you should do it, as well as how to do it right. Without such knowledge, you may not even want to do it at all—including how to heal yourself. Knowledge takes away your fear to accept the challenge and to confront the outcome of your endeavor.

Goals to heal

There is a saying: “Seeing is believing.” But if you “believe” what you “see” in your mind’s eye, you will “see” the result of what you “believe”; that is, if you believe what you see, you will see what you believe—this is the power of visualization. To do this, first of all, you must set goals to heal yourself, and then visualize yourself healed as a result of achieving those goals. Seeing the realization of some of your goals will further reinforce your belief.

Commitment to heal

Like any endeavor, the road to success is often paved with many obstacles and setbacks. To overcome these stumbling blocks, you need commitment, which is practice and practice, and more practice. All natural healing takes time, and nature cannot be rushed. Patience and perseverance hold the key to your success in vision self-healing.

Healing the eye is all about awareness. Vision self-healing is about the application of this awareness in your everyday life. It is just that simple!

Stephen Lau
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