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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Increase Peripheral Vision

Learn how to increase peripheral vision

The macula in the center of the retina is responsible for detailed vision. Overuse of the central vision leads to weakening of the macula, resulting in much loss of detailed vision.

Increasing peripheral vision will decrease the use of central vision, and hence instrumental in protecting the macula and enhancing detailed vision, which is critical to good vision.

Cut small black rectangular cards in different sizes (2”x 2”; 2”x3”; 2”x5”) from construction paper. Tape the card to the top of the bridge of your nose, covering part of both eyes.   

Sit or stand, and look through the smallest black rectangular card in front of your eyes, while turning your head from side to side.

Notice that your surrounding seems to be “moving” in the opposite direction.

Stop turning your head, and close your eyes for a minute or two. Now, visualize the previous “moving surrounding” in your mind’s eye.

Open your eyes again, and move or wave your hands on both sides of your ears. Notice your moving hands, which are now stimulating your peripheral cells.

Stop waving your hands, and close your eyes. Now, visualize the movement of your hands in your mind’s eye.

Repeat the above with the mid-size and then the large-size black rectangular cards. 

By partially covering the eyes, your mind enables your eyes to pay more attention to what is on both sides, and hence stimulates your peripheral vision. After each exercise, you will see that your vision has “expanded” and has become “broad.” By strengthening your peripheral vision, you indirectly reduce your use of central vision, and hence protecting your macula from deterioration and degeneration.

AWARENESS: Train your eyes to see what is on both sides of your eyes.

Stephen Lau
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