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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wellness Wisdom Newsletter to Heal

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My most recent email update (1st and 15th of each month) is on the topic: "Do What You Would Not Normally Do" How to protect your brain from Alzheimer's disease and enhance your mind power. My next topic for May 1, 2015 will be "Ego and Stress" How to de-stress yourself with unconventional ancient wisdom. To subscribe to the newsletter to get your email twice a month, please click here

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Stephen Lau  

Sunday, April 5, 2015

My book FREE: Be A Better And Happier You With TAO Wisdom

Get this book for FREE from Amazon: “Be A Better And Happier You With Tao Wisdom” only between (04/05 to 04/09). Click this link to get your FREE download: http://amzn.to/1A24Uwq

This 132-page book is based on the profound human wisdom expressed in “Tao Te Ching” written by Lao Tzu, an ancient sage from China. BE A BETTER AND HAPPIER YOU WITH TAO WISDOM not only contains the translation in simple English of the complete text of this 5,000-word immortal classic, but also shows you how to attain true human wisdom through asking self-intuitive questions, creating an empty mindset with reverse thinking to let go of the ego-self to become a better and happier you. 

If you are a better person, you will be happier, and live longer. Find out how the ancient wisdom from China some 2600 years ago will help you do just that: be better and happier. It will even enhance your vision health.

Stephen Lau