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The Natural Cure for Glaucoma

Glaucoma, which is an eye disorder due to increased ocular pressure, is one of the major causes of blindness.

The conventional medical treatment for glaucoma is the use of eye drops or surgical procedure to relieve the eye pressure. However, there is one problem: surgeries and eye drops would also create a chronic condition, which, ironically enough, may lead to ultimate blindness.

According to Dr. Leslie Salov, M.D., O.D. Ph.D., author of Secrets for Better Vision, most glaucoma patients are highly intelligent professionals who lead very stressful, busy lives. Accordingly, Dr. Salov believes that the key to improving vision or eye health is a holistic approach to overall health; that is to say, in order to improve the health of your eyes, you must, first of all, improve the health of your entire body simultaneously because your body is a set of interlocking systems that affect one another, and your eyes are just one part of your body system. Given that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, your eyes are only a small part of your whole person. Therefore, to heal the eyes of glaucoma, you must heal the body first. Dr. Salov strongly believes in the natural cure for glaucoma.

To have healthy vision, even as you age, you must employ not only the sciences of physiology, biology, and chemistry, but also the healing powers of philosophy and even spirituality. This is no exception when it comes to the natural cure for glaucoma. In other words, to treat glaucoma, you need to examine not just your eyes, but every aspect of your physical, emotional, and spiritual life.

Dr. Salov strongly recommends visualization as the natural cure for glaucoma. Visualization is the use of guided imagery by your mind to control your body for self-healing. In visualization, you use mind power to direct blood, oxygen, and leukocytes (immunity cells) to the eye through a mental image of a healthy eye. Essentially, your conscious mind controls the involuntary processes that occur automatically inside your body

Specifically, visualization relaxes the muscles in the walls of your canal of Schlemm (circular channel in the eye that collects watery substance between the lens and the cornea), and thereby instrumental in excreting the extra fluid to relieve the glaucoma pressure. Dr. Salov’s objection to the use of eye drops, which serves a similar function, is that chronic use of eye drops may have adverse long-term effects, such as pieces of iris falling off, causing blockage, and thus may increase eye pressure over the long haul. Without using eye drops with chemicals, visualization can relax eye muscles so that your pupils become small enough to open up the canal of Schlemm to excrete the fluid for eye pressure relief. However, it must be pointed out that visualization works only when you use it with dedication and consistency. In other words, you have to practice visualization daily and diligently.

Another therapy recommended by Dr. Salov is spirited meditation, which removes your everyday stresses and worries that may inadvertently cause long-term stress to the eye, and thus creating undue eye pressure. When you are under duress and stress, you body produces chemical changes within your body, which decrease blood flow and oxygen level. Practice meditation, which is the art of thinking of nothing or focusing on the irrelevant.

Deep and slow diaphragm breathing, aided by good posture, is deep cleansing for the body and mind. Deep breathing promotes better vision health through relaxation and detoxification.

According to Dr. Salov, your diet may also help you heal your glaucoma. A no-meat diet is strongly recommended because the antibiotics, chemical dyes, and growth hormones in supermarket meat damage not only you immune system but also your eye health. Without strong immunity, your eyes cannot utilize their natural self-healing elements.

To conclude, your body has its own curative forces, but you must empower yourself with knowledge on mind-healing. For better vision health, you must be prepared to change your environment, lifestyle, and living habits. Vision health cannot be accomplished without total health. There is a Chinese saying: "The eye is the window of the soul." Your vision health mirrors your physical health. If you believe in the natural cure for glaucoma, then look beyond your eyes for the natural cure. 

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