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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Physical Vision Clarity

Helen Keller once said: "It's a terrible thing to see and have no vision." 

Vision clarity involves the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. Vision clarity holds the key to the holistic wellness of an individual. Many of us have eyes, but do not really "see" because we have no vision clarity. Seeing is the most important of the human's five senses. But many of us don't take care of our physical vision; as a result, the emotional, the mental , and spiritual aspects of vision are also adversely affected.

How do you take care of your physical vision? 

Vision health begins with the physical vision; that is, you must take care of your eyes by exercising them and supplying them with nutrients, just as you would take care of your body..

Take care of your breathing

Breathing right supplies oxygen to your eyes and your brain, as well as other body organs and tissues. Do not hold you breath when you concentrate Always aim for complete breath, which is 
diaphragm breathing. Consciously change your breathing pattern. Use your diaphragm (the diaphragm muscle separating your chest from your abdomen) to breathe, instead of your chest. If you place one hand on your breastbone, feeling that it is raised, with the other hand above your waist, feeling the diaphragm muscle moving up and down, then you are practicing diaphragm breathing correctly  If you breathe correctly, you will feel much more relaxed, and hence benefits your eyes.

Correct bad physical vision habits.

If you do not blink frequently enough, you will not be able to see well. It is just that simple. Blinking has many vision benefits: it overcomes the harmful habit of staring; it relaxes the eye; it cleanses and massages the eye; it improves nearsightedness.

Learn how to blink, not squint. The former relaxes the eye, while the latter stresses the eye because it uses undue force to close and open the eye.

Always remember to blink several times before you look at something in close vision and in distant vision. Good habit forming is important.

Read my book Vision Self-Healing Self-Help: A comprehensive book on correcting bad vision habits and using eye exercises to improve eyesight and vision health. 

Relax through awareness and body posture

You are living in a wold that encourages speed and compulsive thinking. As a result, stress is everyday phenomenon. Awareness is the key to de-stressing yourself. Be aware of you neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Concentrate your mind on your breathing, while paying attention to the sensations of these muscles. Consciousness of your body posture also plays a pivotal role in your body relaxation. Go to my site: Good Posture.

Smile and smile 

Smile is contagious. Learn to smile and smile more often no matter what happens. Soon enough, smile may become second nature to you. 

Stephen Lau
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