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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Computer Vision Syndrome

According to CNN 11/12/13, working on the computer for too long and too close may result in computer vision syndrome (CVS), which is a vision disorder due to spending too much time on the computer.

"We definitely see a lot of people who complain of eyestrain," says opthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler. "Hours upon hours of close focusing without taking a break is usually the main culprit." Sitting too close and too long to the computer is the main cause of eyestrain. "This forces your eyes to work harder than usual as you strain to focus on tiny font sizes," Dr. Wachler warns.

Common symptoms of eyestrain and CVS include: sore eyes, dry eyes, teary eyes, blurry vision, double vision, light sensitivity, difficulty focusing on images, neck pain, headache or a combination of all of the above. Given that vision is one of the most important assets in your life, protect your vision health.

To protect your eyes while working on the computer, you must sit with the right posture (that is erect) , at the right distance (20" - 40'), and at the right level (eyes level with top monitor screen). After every half hour or so, blink your eyes. The blink should be soft, not hard, and it should be complete. Do this a couple of times. Look at a distant object. and blink again. Form the habit of blinking, and consciously blink when you scan words on the computer screen. Wherever possible, do a eye-palming exercise, which is covering your eyes with both hands but without touching them with your eyes gently closed. Eye exercise are particularly important not only for relaxing your eyes but also for improving your vision naturally. Read my book Vision Self-Healing Self-Help.

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