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Vision Loss and Mental Depression

Vision is one of man's greatest assets in life. Without vision, we can see nothing. Without proper vision or healthy eyesight, we cannot do many things. Unfortunately, our vision deteriorates with age. As a matter of fact, our overall physical well-being and mental health also go downhill as we continue to age, and thus loss of vision only adds insult to injury.

Most of us are more aware of the decline in our physical wellness, as evidenced by the obvious changes of body shape, more frequent visits to doctors, and the inevitable onset of diseases and disorders. But we are less aware of the slow and gradual compromise in our vision. Vision loss intensifies with aging, but most of us have resigned to that fact. Declining vision health plays a pivotal role in how well we live in the golden years.

Vision health affects other aspects of life: doing activities, performing tasks, and driving. That is to say, vision health is related to other health issues and problems.

According to a recent study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, vision loss has a relationship with mental depression. The findings of the study, published n JAMA Ophthalmology journal,  indicated that more than 10 percent of individuals with vision loss were also clinically depressed. The explanation is simple: vision loss adds difficulties to challenges already existing in life, thereby increasing the predisposition to mental depression. According to the study, the disabilities of vision loss also worsen the already-existing symptoms of mental depression.  

There is a correlation between aging and mental depression. Obviously, as we grow older, we have more problems due to decline in physical health and mental faculty.

What can we do to stop the ravages of vision loss and mental depression?
  • Stop or delay the overall aging process. My book Younger and Healthier for Longer provides 200+ pages of information not only on how to reverse the aging process but also on how to overcome the devastating effects of aging to the body and the mind.
  • Take good care of vision health, such as regular eye exams to identify any vision disorder or problem that we may have, and correct it. Do eye exercises daily: healthy eyes need exercises just like the boy does. Eat foods high in lutein and zeaxanthin: they nourish the macula, protecting the eyes from harsh sunlight, and thereby reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. All orange, yellow, and red fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, red peppers, squash, and tomatoes, promote vision health. Also, read my book Vision Self-Healing Self-Help to find out how to enhance vision and get healthy eyes.
  • Depression Free Method: Learn everything you need to know about how to free yourself from the debilitating conditions of mental depression. The information is comprehensive and effective. If medicine and psychiatry/psychology are not helping you to get rid of the symptoms or they never really go away, try this depression-free method to eliminate your depression once and for all. You have 60-day money-back guarantee; you have nothing to lose.
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  1. Such a great post! I've been debating going onto antidepressants, and the stigma really is a big factor- however, it shouldn't stop you from taking a positive step towards getting better!