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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Better Vision and the Mind

Better Vision and the Mind

Vision health is holistic health. Your vision has to do with every aspect of your body, including your emotional, physical, and mental wellness. Better vision is directly related to the mind.

When you see an object, an image of that object is registered on the retina, which then sends a visual signal to the occipital lobe, located in the back of the head. Vision occurs only after the brain sends the signal back to the eyes.  During the visual processing, the brain can make a blurred image clear, or vice-versa. It is all in the mind, or mind over matter. Your mind controls what you see and how you see.  In addition, your visual processing is further affected by your physiological and emotional conditions.  In other words, your inner vision controls your outer vision.

Your inner vision comprises your attitudes and perspectives that determine how you view yourself and the world.  That is to say, if you are negative about your eyes, you will develop negative attitudes and perspectives when you develop a vision problem, and your negativity will only aggravate and perpetuate the problem.

Therefore, positive affirmations play a pivotal part in vision health. If you really wish to improve your vision, empower yourself with affirmations, such as “I want to improve my vision” and “I can see better and clearer with good vision habits. Scientists have attested to the fact that the condition of the body is affected, positively or negatively, by the content of the thoughts and the nature of the feelings. Consequently, changing these thoughts can significantly change the response of the body, including the eye.

Reinforce positive affirmations with visualization, which is the highest level of visual skill to create a “reality” in the mind’s eye. Your body cannot tell the difference between what is “real” and what is “imagination.” Remember, the eye and the mind are designed to function together, not separately. A case in point, if you imagine seeing a distant object, your eyes will automatically change their focus as if they were actually looking at that distant object.

Learn how to create your own “reality” by harnessing your mind power.

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