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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Digital Strain

Digital Strain

According to recent CNN health news, digital eyestrain has become a common eye problem, which is plaguing millions of people working at the computer with headaches, eye pain, watering, redness, double vision and loss of focus, among others.

Vision is one of the most important assets in life. Without clear vision, the world will be totally different, and living will become difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, always protect your eyes and maintain good vision.

Digital eyestrain is just one of the many ways in modern living that may harm your eyes and damage your vision. If you have to spend many hours in front of the computer everyday, maybe you should get yourself a pair of computer glasses. In addition, make sure that your computer screen is bright enough and is at least some two feet away from your eyes. 

No matter what, you must give your eyes a break every half hour or so. Your eyes may not be able to see clearly because they cannot adjust to the focus as they shift from near vision to distant vision when you look up from the computer screen during the break. To facilitate the sudden shift of focus, blink your eyes repeatedly  Eye-blinking is especially important when you are moving your eyes along the line; blinking often avoids staring or eye-fixation, which causes eyestrain as well as reduces side vision over the long haul.

The best exercise to relax the eye and to reduce eyestrain is eye palming. This is a simple eye exercise in which you place both palms over your eyes, but without actually touching them. Before placing your palms over your forehead and cheekbones, rub them hard so as to generate some heat. Then close your eyes and let your palms cover but without touching them. Visualize darkness, and breathe slowly. Do eye palming anytime when you feel eyestrain; it will do wonders in relaxing your eyes.

You may also include other eye exercises, such as rolling your eyes up and down and sideways. 

Remember, whenever you feel eyestrain, you must stop working at the computer.

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