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Monday, July 2, 2018

Signs of Vision Improvement

Your vision improvement will not only take time but also undergo different stages of changes.

Physical Signs of Vision Improvement

The physical signs of improvement may include:

Eyes becoming more relaxed, feeling less tense
Black becoming blacker
Colors becoming more vibrant
Brief moments of clearer and wider vision
Less sensitivity to sunlight, and easier adaptation from light to darkness, and vice-versa.

Mental Signs of Vision Improvement

The mental signs of vision improvement may include:

More mental energy
Sharper mental focus, including greater concentration
More creative and imaginative
Better memory

Symptoms of Vision Readjustment

Your eye conditions may undergo a period of readjustment before ultimate vision improvement occurs, and these temporary symptoms may include eye tiredness, headaches, watery eyes, and changes in balance and orientation

Natural vision improvement takes time. Remember the following:

You must get yourself accustomed to blurry vision around you as a result of not wearing eyeglasses or contacts.
You must not strain to see clearly when your vision is blurry.
You will see clearly when your vision improves.

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