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Monday, August 20, 2018

The Elephant Swing for Better Vision

The Elephant Swing for Better Vision

Vision is the most important of all five senses. Without good vision, the quality of life is considerably compromised. Unfortunately, many seniors are faced with the problem of vision impairment as they continue to age. The good news is that you can maintain good vision throughout your life, if you have the know-how.

Qi Gong is an Oriental exercise that focuses on natural movement and relaxation. Because it is an exercise without stress and strain, you will build up your muscles naturally, including those of your eyes. Given that good vision has to do with exercising and relaxing eye muscles, the elephant swing of Qi Gong is an ideal exercise to enhance eye vision, especially for the elderly.

To perform the elephant swing, do the following:

1.    Stand with your feet parallel, about 10 inches apart.
2.    Slightly shake your arms and legs, while rolling your neck back and forth, and sideways, to loosen your nerves and muscles.
3.    Pay attention to your movements as you relax your jaw and empty your mind of thoughts.
4.    Shift your body weight from one foot to the other. Swing your body to the right and then to the left in a swaying movement by lifting the heel of each foot. Let your arms hang loosely during the swaying motion. It is important that your head moves with your body, not by itself.

5. Breathe naturally. Open your eyes, and notice what is in front of you. Do not fix your eyes on any object in your field of vision. You will have the visual illusion that everything is “moving in the opposite direction.”
6.    Swing, see, and relax for 100 swinging movements.

The objective of the elephant swing for better vision is to train your eyes not to become fixed on anything, as well as to loosen and relax your eye muscles. Practicing the elephant swing of Qi Gong relaxes the body, the mind, and the eye. The Chinese have practiced this exercise for thousands of years.
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