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Friday, January 4, 2019

Vision Improvement


Vision improvement is based on the four principles of good vision:

Relaxing the eye
Strengthening the eye
Adjusting the eye to light
Balancing the eye
Relaxing the Eye

Eye relaxation begins with the mind first, not the eye. The mind must be completely relaxed before it can relax the body—and the eye, which is only one of the many organs of the body.

Relax the body to relax the eye

Practicing Oriental exercises, such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga, can significantly relax the body because these exercises focus on “soft” movements of the body. Western-style exercises, on the other hand, focus more on building physical strength and muscles rather than on relaxing the muscles.

Do some, if not all, of the following exercises to relax the body, and hence prepare you for exercises to relax the eye.

The neck

Stand with your feet slightly apart, and knees at ease.

Firm your lower abdominal muscles, and straighten your upper back.

Loosen your shoulders, and let them face forward.

Let your head fall backward for a count of 10.
Slowly turn your head to the left and then to the right, each for a count of 5.

With shoulders facing forward, move your head to look up and down, each for a count of 5.
With shoulders facing forward, move your head sideways, bringing the left ear to the left shoulder, and then the right ear to the right shoulder, each for a count of 5.
Repeat the above.

The neck exercises can be practiced at any time—even when you are at work or waiting for the bus. Always keep your neck muscles relaxed and supple.

The upper torso

Interlace your fingers of both hands, with palms towards you.

Slowly move your arms in a large circle, reaching as far as you can without straining your arm and shoulder muscles.

Repeat a few circles in a clockwise direction, and then in an anti-clockwise direction.

The chest, neck, and head

Stand facing and leaning against a wall, with extending arms and elbows locked in a straight position, and your palms flat against the wall.

Consciously move your chest backward and forward without moving the rest of the body. Your elbows should remain straight throughout the movements of the chest.

Slowly move your head from side to side as your chest puffs out and caves in during your inhalation and exhalation.
Stretching and curling

Stand with your feet close together.

Inhale deeply and stretch up, and then from side to side.
Give yourself a big yawn.

Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly as you relax your head forward and down, right and left. Open your eyes and “notice” the world around you.

Stretch up your hands above your head as far as you can go. Feel the stretch on your sides. Breathe slowly, and count 10.
Keeping your knees a little bent, curl your body forward until your hands touch the floor. Keep your neck, hands and shoulders relaxed. Look upward with your eyes to keep your spine straight. Remain in this position for a count of 10.

Repeat the whole process several times for deep relaxation of the body.

This exercise aims at strengthening your lower back as well as your kidneys, which have a relationship with your eyes.

Stephen Lau
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